The Bay (and beyond) Estimating Service

We offer an affordable building estimating service, which is easily accessible by anyone involved in domestic and commercial building projects.

Using our own in-house software and quantification techniques, we can quickly convert your drawings into an accurate schedule of quantities and/or labour and materials estimate. We specialise in all building works, from alterations to new build homes, factories, schools through to high rise projects, and cover all trades.

Estimate schedules are produced generally in the format of NZS 4202 (standard method of measurement of building works) and supplied to you in Microsoft Excel, Word format or pdf as you require.

Labour, materials and subtrade pricing can be included in estimates as required.

Contact Us

Q Estimate
T: 021 869 7499

To Use This Service

Please provide;

  • all plans and specifications relevant to your trade
  • all relevant documentation
We prefer drawings as Adobe pdf files.
Note: All drawings should be to a recognised metric scale (i.e. 1:50 or 1:100). Adobe pdf files must be created in the size intended for printing.

Architects and Project Managers

Our services are designed to improve your client offering and provide you with comfort to proceed with a feasible cost effective project.

  • Impartial assessment of costs
  • Unrivalled technical expertise
  • Cost-effective affordable service
  • Costs easily absorbed into fees
  • Fast Quantified Scheduling
  • Local knowledge nationwide

Builders, Contractors and Sub Trades

Are you pricing jobs at unsociable hours, need more time on-site, or need more time to manage your business?
Q-eStimate can make it happen.

Do you need to provide a full tender submission but don't have the time, resources or expertise Q-eStimate can do this for you.

Self Builders

The most important planning element of any Self-Build development has to be affordability.

We offer:

  • Project management
  • Inception to completion
  • Accurate estimates
  • Trade preparation analysis
  • Builder and subtrade selection and evaluation